from touring artists, to professional athletes, to busy executives... whatever your lifestyle demands from you-


Vibe Chefs is a game changer. It took away any excuse I had not to eat clean. I can cook about as well as a tree this changed everything for me. And it tastes so good I forget I’m dieting. I tell everyone!
— Shay Mooney, Songwriter, Artist, Dan + Shay
As someone who hates to cook, hates to clean, and hates to eat healthy (even though I know I need to), Vibe Chefs takes all the work out of maintaining a healthy lifestyle with creative and flavorful options that don’t make you feel like you have to eat boring chicken and vegetables everyday to be making good choices.
— Jennifer Denmark, Songwriter
This service is life changing and actually very budget friendly. Less going out to eat, and I never have to go to the grocery store. My kids love the food too! Vibe allows me to be more productive and keep up perfectly with my nutrition and fitness goals.

It’s not a luxury. It’s being smart and healthy without having to stress. It’s invaluable to my family’s unique nutritional needs and our healthy, (and busy!) lifestyle.
— Anissa Pollard, Owner, Marathon Pilates
We have been Vibe clients for over a year, but recently, a family health issue found us at Vanderbilt for testing. Dreading the overall experience and standard hospital gourmet, we headed to the hospital for our five night stay. Our chef Megan not only put together a meal plan of favorites for us (with various breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options) but also delivered to us at the hospital. In a time of high stress and discomfort, Vibe Chefs provided us with delicious healthy food options + above and beyond service. Megan takes great pride in her job, and this experience proved that the people at Vibe Chefs are as wonderful as the dishes they serve.
— Lauren Thomas Fowler, Sony Music Nashville Director, National Promotion
This service is a game-changer! My husband and I both have hectic schedules, and very different eating styles- so coming home to totally custom healthy meals is amazing.

We can actually sit down and have dinner together, in our own home, and we know everything was made with quality ingredients, with integrity, and with love. Yes, love! My favorite thing about Vibe... aside from attention to detail, and making food taste amazing, might be the random encouraging post-it notes we find in the fridge. It’s the little things.
— A.B.
Vibe Chefs has changed my life. I’m a lazy cook (think cereal for supper), and have Celiac’s disease (limiting the good stuff). This service has done wonders for not only my health but has given me a routine with food that is healthy and delicious but still satisfies my trucker appetite! I can’t imagine my food-life without their help - from the convenience, to saving money not eating out, and the love of my chef... Vibe Chefs is the bomb!
— M.B.
I love food but cannot cook to save my life! It’s even harder when you’re single, vegetarian and traveling all the time. Vibe Chefs was the perfect solution for me. With amazing, fresh, and inventive options, each dish is so tasty, I don’t even want to eat out!
— B.L.